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Our Collection of 1000's of Copyright Free Photos are a great resource for students and are perfect for inclusion on Non Commercial Websites. Siteseen Ltd. are the sole copyright holdersof these copyright free photos and images, unless otherwise stated. As Copyright holders we are pleased to give our permission for the non-commercial use of our free photos, provided users comply with our fair terms and conditions of use.

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The growth of the Internet, including non-commercial websites, requiring graphics has resulted in the development of this free photographs gallery. Our copyright free photos gallery is dedicated to providing a much needed free photos resource for educational and non-commercial users which may be used without the usual problems related to royalty or copyright laws or having to pay a membership fee. We are increasing the number of free photos on a weekly basis in response to the additional requests for more copyright free photos from our visitors. Please comply with our fair Terms and Limitations of copyright free photos use. Help us to maintain this Free Photos Gallery by Referring this Copyright Free Photos Site to a friend.

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Siteseen Ltd. are the sole copyright holdersof these Copyright Free Photos, unless otherwise stated. We only authorise non-commercial use of these free photos and images and particularly encourage their use for educational purposes. Our own Copyright Free Photos are not in the Public Domain.

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